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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Volume 64, Issue 12, Pages 1061-1358

Theme: Targeted delivery of therapeutics to bone and connective tissues

Targeted delivery of therapeutics to bone and connective tissues

Pages 1061-1062
David W. Grainger

Biomimetic hydrogels for controlled biomolecule delivery to augment bone regeneration

Pages 1078-1089
Philipp S. Lienemann, Matthias P. Lutolf, Martin Ehrbar

Immobilized antibiotics to prevent orthopaedic implant infections

Pages 1165-1176
Noreen J. Hickok, Irving M. Shapiro

Targeting polymer therapeutics to bone

Pages 1189-1204
Stewart A. Low, Jindřich Kopeček

Peptide-based delivery to bone

Pages 1220-1238
Kazuhiro Aoki, Neil Alles, Niroshani Soysa, Keiichi Ohya

Biomaterial delivery of morphogens to mimic the natural healing cascade in bone

Pages 1257-1276
Manav Mehta, Katharina Schmidt-Bleek, Georg N. Duda, David J. Mooney

Studies of bone morphogenetic protein-based surgical repair

Pages 1277-1291
Kevin W.-H. Lo, Bret D. Ulery, Keshia M. Ashe, Cato T. Laurencin

Gene therapy approaches to regenerating bone

Pages 1320-1330
Nadav Kimelman Bleich, Ilan Kallai, Jay R. Lieberman, Edward M. Schwarz, Gadi Pelled, Dan Gazit

Gene delivery to bone

Pages 1331-1340
C.H. Evans

RNA therapeutics targeting osteoclast-mediated excessive bone resorption

Pages 1341-1357
Yuwei Wang, David W. Grainger

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